Take acting training for musical auditionsand become a standout performer

Acting training for musical auditions provides theatre actors with the quality training they need, to seize the opportunities that come their way. Participating in workshops exposes them to the skills to help them become a stand-out performer.  Itis also a great way to develop competence and confidence in your own style.

What you will learn

Musical theater involves a mix of singing, dancing, and acting, and if you are unsure about your ideal fit,training serves a twofold purpose. It offers the opportunity to develop skills in your preferred area, and also helps you uncover hidden talent in other areas. By focusing on talent across all disciplines, you can become a well-rounded performer.

During training,you will get the necessary monitoring and feedback about your individual style, so that you can prepare appropriate audition material. Understanding your own capabilities is the best way to prepare for auditions, and also to choose the right shows to audition for.

Having a successful musical audition depends not only on having specific technical skills, but it also on your ability to package and market yourself well. That means being prepared by having relevant audition material, and being aware of what you are committing to. It’s important to do some homework; so that you know the type of show you are auditioning for, so that you can  perform your role confidently and competently.

Choosing a Program

When selecting acting training classes for musical auditions it is important to select an industry-recognized program, taught by a recognized tutor. At the Carolyne Barry Creative Ent in Los Angeles, they offer a Musical Theatre Workshop taught by well-known and respected casting directorMichael Donovan.If you need more information on their theatre workshops, you can visit them online at http://www.carolynebarry.com/workshops/musical-theatre/.

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