Are Botox Injections Safe?

If you are interested in a non-surgical anti-wrinkle treatment that will keep your skin looking smooth and healthy, botox cosmetic is the answer. But despite the proven benefits of botox, there are still some concerns about the drug, especially as it relates to safety. So people continue to ask – Are botox injections safe.

Botox cosmetic treatment

Botox is an efficient wrinkle-reducer that is primarily used on the forehead, and around the eyes. It is an effective treatment for patients looking for a skin rejuvenation with few side-effects, and minimal to no downtime.

Are botox injections safe?

Botox injections are considered very safe, and more than 13 million treatments have been performed since it was FDA approved for facial wrinkles in 2002. In addition, botox has been thoroughly researched over the past 20 years or more, and has an excellent safety profile.

Complications related to the use of botox are rare. Common side-effects of botox treatment include tenderness at the injection site, mild bruising, and temporary nausea or headache, but these are usually short-lived. The majority of patients that receive botox injections are pleased with their results.

However in order to ensure safety, patients should only consult with a trained medical professional for botox treatment. Ideally, this should be a plastic surgeon or dermatologist that is familiar with the facial anatomy, and routinely performs cosmetic injectable treatments.

Patients should be sure to ask questions of their injector, and also advise them of any medications or supplements that they may be taking.

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