Are there alternative treatments for the effects of menopause?

The effects of menopause can be less than pleasant for most women going through this natural-ageing process. Hormonal changes in the body cause you to feel flustered, emotional and sometimes overwhelmed by pretty much any task you are faced with. Aside from the emotional and mental effects of menopause, there are also a number of unwanted physiological side effects that many prefer to address as soon as possible, thus allowing them to return to living a normal quality of live.

Approximately 70% of women experience the following physiological symptoms during menopause:

•    Vaginal dryness
•    Pain during sexual intercourse
•    Vaginal laxity
•    Recurrent urinary infections
•    urinary incontinence

This is mainly due to the fact that as one gets older, the ovaries become less responsive to the hormones that trigger the production of oestrogen and the plummeting levels of oestrogen eventually cause monthly periods to stop once and for all.

FemiLift as a pain-free solution for the effects of menopause

Instead of relying on taking hormone supplements and slathering the vaginal area with topical creams in order to get relief from the discomfort caused by vaginal dryness, many women are now turning to the gentle yet highly effective FemiLift laser treatment for vaginal rejuvenation. Whilst there is no treatment in existence that can entirely reverse the effects of ageing and menopause, the FemiLift will restore the vagina to its pre-menopausal state by triggering the production of natural lubrication, tightening the vagina and combatting the involuntary leakage of urine caused by the lack of support to the bladder.

The non-invasive procedure is performed in consult at our state of the art clinic in Vancouver, Washington by one of our board certified practitioners. Taking just 30 minutes to complete, patients can return to their daily business as usual and there is no downtime to be taken into consideration. On completion of your first FemiLift treatment you can start benefitting from the improvement of symptoms of menopause and free yourself from struggling with discomfort and pain.

For more information about the FemiLift treatment or to schedule your free consultation call Northwest Lifestyle Health today at 360-953-2773

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