Can you avoid Botox side effects?

Botox remains a top non-surgical wrinkle treatment, and more people are using it to keep them looking as youthful as they feel inside. When botox is administered correctly and conservatively it can produce excellent results, but we have all seen how weird it can look if it’s done badly. So how can you avoid these botox side effects?

Understanding botox
Botox is considered a very safe solution for reducing dynamic wrinkles that result from repeated muscle movement. However, complications can occur if too much of the drug is injected, or if it is not placed in the right location. After the injection there may minimal bruising at the treatment site, but this usually resolves quickly.

How to avoid botox side effects
Side-effects are likely if the procedure is not done in a safe way, using the right technique. Patients are therefore advised to choose an experienced injector, preferably a board certified plastic/cosmetic surgeon or a dermatologist, who understands the anatomy of the facial muscles. This is especially important with botox, as it must be injected in the correct location to avoid side-effects.

Injectors who use a minimum amount of botox solution get better results, and have fewer complications. In cases where too much botox is used, it is more likely to spread out and affect nearby muscles, and lead to unwanted effects such as eyelid ptosis or droopy eyelids. This can happen if botox migrates to the musclethat lifts up the eyelid.

Choosing a skilled injector is the best way to avoid botox side-effects, and achieve the results you are looking for.

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