Benefits of having a micro-flora test done

The vagina is populated by a mix of friendly and hostile bacteria that shape the environment. Combinations of these microbes create the microflora that contribute to the health or lack thereof of the lower genital tract. However, there are times when the harmful micro-organisms gain a foothold, and upset the balance. Testing the micro-flora is the best way to identify the offending pattern of microbes. There are also other benefits of a micro-flora test that we look at below.

Identifying the need for a microflora test

Changes to the normal micro-flora environment in the vagina, can lead to the overgrowth of potential harmful bacteria or pathogens, which can cause symptoms of “infection” although under normal circumstances they are not infectious or contagious.  Symptoms such as excessive secretions, odor, burning pain, irritation,  itching, urinary frequency and urgency, can occur when there is a shift in the delicate balance of the vaginal micro-flora.


It is in this type of scenario that the micro-flora test is especially beneficial. The test identifies the specific constituents of the vaginal fluid, in order to determine what is needed to restore balance.

Dr. R. Stuart Fowler of Fowler GYN International (FGI), developed an innovative vaginal fluid analysis (VFA) test for this purpose. VFA involves a quantitative examination of the components of the vaginal fluid.

The VFA test is helpful in identifying:

•    The quantity and concentration levels of friendly bacteria.
•    The predominant type of white blood cells (if present
•    The relative concentration of white blood cells present (if any).
•    The relative quantity of harmful bacteria present.
•    The relative concentration of squamous cells being exfoliated
•    The degree of maturity or maturation of the vaginal squamous cells present.
•    The presence concentration of yeast present (if any).

Based on the findings of the VFA Test, FGI can then recommend the medications that would be most effecting in restoring vaginal health.  This treatment protocol is known as vaginal rejuvenate therapy, and is designed to correct microflora imbalance.

If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of a micro-flora test, contact FGI by calling 480-420-4001, or go to

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