Learning the best commercial audition techniques

Commercial auditions are not like those for film and TV, and because the field is so competitive, they are often harder to book. But the best way to improve your chances is to learn key commercial audition techniques, by taking commercial audition classes. These will help you to better understand the audition process, so that you can get out and audition for commercials at least 2 to 3 times per week.

Commercial audition tips
    Be prepared and determined to be a good salesperson for the product. Pay attention as the session leader describes the truth you need to convey, and then do what it takes to make it happen. If you want to be a good salesperson then you must know who you are talking to, so that you can connect with the camera and ultimately with the audience.

  • Have a winning personality. This means being open and approachable and maintaining an engaging smile. You also need to show your energy and enthusiasm.  You should endeavor to create the look and feel of the character, so that there is no doubt about your commitment and ability to be the character in the commercial.


  • Be on point because the audition is very short, and you’ll be in and out very quickly. In most commercial auditions you will be given a script, and the copy must be read exactly. However, in order to read the script well you need to be able to ‘create the moment before.’  That means being able to understand the feelings and actions that may have preceded the present action, in order to play your role accurately.

If you need help with understanding the best commercial audition techniques, then you can sign up for commercial audition classes at the Los Angeles based Carolyne Barry Creative Ent.

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