The Best Meisner Technique Acting Classes Can Help You Master Your Craft

The Meisner acting technique, is the legacy that legendary acting teacher Sanford Meisner’s left to the acting world. Whether you are just starting out, or want to further your training,you can learn a lot by signing up for Meisner Technique classes.    However the best Meisner Technique acting classes are those that remain true to the original approach.

Meisner Technique Basics

The basic principle of the Meisner Technique is the need for actors to live as truthfully as possible, under imaginary circumstances. Performances are therefore based on a sense of truth and reality, and not a matter of pretense. This approach gives actors the freedom to be themselves, andbe confident in who they are, so that they can deliver unique and spontaneous performances.

The Meisner Technique provides actors with the professional level training they need to hone their skills, and gain recognition. It gives actors the proper foundation on which to build performances that are deep and imaginative.

There are many acting schools that teach the Meisner Technique, but some don’t teach it properly, as they only teach portions of it, or mix it with other acting techniques. Serious actors should know that the best Meisner Technique acting classes are those that honor the Meisner legacy, and classes that offer less than that should be avoided.

The Carolyne Barry Creative Ent in Los Angeles, CA, offers training in the Meisner Technique for new and experienced actors. They have the Intro to Acting/Meisner workshop for those just starting out, and those wishing to further their studies can choose from several ongoing workshops. They offer some of the best Meisner Technique acting classes at Carolyne Barry Creative Entoriginal principles. You can visit them online at for more information.

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