Choosing The Best Meisner Technique Acting Classes

The Meisner technique has served many great actors well, helping them become a major force in the acting industry.The technique focuses on actors establishing themselves in the circumstances of the scene, and then living truthfully under those circumstances. The best meisner technique acting classes are those that remain true to these original ideals.

Benefits of the Meisner technique

  • The repetition required for the Meisner technique helps the actor to better ‘get into character.’  It is essentially focused on the actor being able to connect with the character they are playing. This makes for a more believable performance.


  • Actors gain greater insight into who they are as individuals, so that they can perform with integrity. Rather than ‘think like an actor’, the actor learns to instead take command of his character. He/she also learns to bring emotional reality to the scenes being portrayed, by living in the moment.


  • The Meisner technique helps actors hone their improvisational skills, which they can apply to any sphere of acting. This makes them more skilled at adapting to scenes, because they learn to express themselves freely, and get rid of existing hang-ups.

Sanford Meisner crafted the technique to help actors achieve unforgettable performances that are unique and spontaneous. Some acting schools don’t teach the Meisner technique properlyas they only use parts of it, choosing instead to mix it with other methods. At Carolyne Barry Creative Inc. they don’t try to improve on the technique, they simply teach the original.

The instructors at Carolyne Barry Creative Inc. teach the Meisner technique effectively, because their own years of learning and practice has given them a deep understanding of the system.  If you are interested in signing up for some of the best meisner technique acting classes available in Los Angeles, then contact them at

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