How to Choose a Vulvovaginal Doctor

Women with vulvovaginal symptoms often struggle in silence. Vaginal odor, burning, and pain can be difficult to discuss, even with your doctor. However, a vulvovaginal doctor can treat the root of your condition instead of the symptoms. As a result, you will achieve a healthy, normal vagina that maintains itself and resists problems like yeast infections.

How Do I Know if I Need a Vulvovaginal Doctor?

You should see a vulvovaginal doctor if you have hard-to-treat or recurring vaginal symptoms. Specialists like Dr. Fowler at Fowler GYN International have access to specialized testing and treatments unavailable to most gynecologists. If you have issues like recurrent yeast infections or vaginal burning and pain, you should reach out to a vulvovaginal doctor immediately to achieve relief. 

How to Choose a Vulvovaginal Doctor

Choosing a vulvovaginal doctor means considering several factors. Consider the educational and professional experience of the doctor. Dr. Fowler served as a staff gynecologist at the renowned Mayo Clinic and continues to serve as a Mayo Clinic gynecologist consultant. He serves on several boards for organizations that study vulvovaginal disease. Some doctors may claim to specialize in vulvovaginal issues but lack the qualifications to solve your problem. 

You should also consider whether you feel comfortable with your doctor and the process. Since testing with Dr. Fowler usually only requires a sample of vaginal fluids, you can avoid uncomfortable, invasive appointments. Instead, this specialized Vaginal Fluid analysis (VFA) will tell him about the conditions of your vagina and how to correct them. 

What Does a Vulvovaginal Doctor Test For?

A vulvovaginal doctor specializes in the environment inside your vagina. When this environment becomes disrupted, vaginal secretions can become irritants that damage the sensitive tissues. Dr. Fowler uses VFA to test for many factors that affect the health of the vagina, including:

  • Populations of lactobacilli, the most prevalent bacteria in a healthy vagina
  • The food supply (shed skin cells from the vagina) for the bacteria
  • Vaginal pH, which is normally acidic
  • Overgrowth of yeasts or other microorganisms

Altered vaginal microflora (AVMF) causes many vulvovaginal symptoms. Lactobacilli maintain a healthy vaginal pH that naturally controls populations of other organisms, such as yeasts. If something affects the population of lactobacilli or the acidity of the vagina, populations of problematic organisms can explode. 

What Treatments Does a Vulvovaginal Doctor Use?

Dr. Fowler treats vulvovaginal health issues with one of over 40 treatment protocols designed to restore a healthy vaginal environment. When lactobacilli reestablish their normal control of the vaginal pH, symptoms such as pain, burning, or odor will disappear. Ask any vulvovaginal doctor about their treatments and determine whether you feel comfortable with them. 

Take the Next Step

The experts in vaginal health at Fowler GYN International (FGI) Phoenix, AZ specialize in the treatment of vulvovaginal conditions. The team at FGI is led by Dr. R. Stuart Fowler. Dr. Fowler is an Emeritus Mayo Clinic board-certified gynecologist.

You can reach FGI at, or by calling (480) 420-4001.

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