The causes of vaginal dryness and treatment options

Vaginal dryness can be devastating for some women. It often results in very painful intercourse, causing them to no longer look forward to or enjoy intercourse. This can affect the stability of their relationship and undermine intimacy with their partner. As a result, these women should always seek help for the condition.

Causes of vaginal dryness
There are a number of reasons why a woman’s vagina may be too dry. Menopause is the most obvious one of them all and commonly is the only one considered.

Dr. R. Stuart Fowler, a vulvovaginal specialist at Fowler Gyn International says there are other causes of relative estrogen deficiency that many healthcare providers do not seem to consider. These include:

1)  The ovaries making less estrogen due to genetic factors.
2) Estrogen receptors of the vagina are functioning less well
3) Ovarian blood supply compromised due to  pelvic surgery
4) Moderate to severe lifestyle stress
5) Excessive exercise
6) Borderline weight/ anorexia
7) Smoking
8) Use of birth control pills

Estrogen is a vital hormone that is needed for the healthy function of the vagina, as it helps to stimulate the natural lubrication system.

However, when estrogen is low, there is inadequate lubrication, and this makes the vagina less elastic, and susceptible to tearing. In addition to this, the vagina also shrinks in diameter and length. These factors combine to make intercourse extremely painful and uncomfortable.

A small percentage of women on birth control pills also notice that they suffer from vaginal dryness. It can be a side effect of birth control pills, because the pills suppress the natural production of estrogen which is replaced by synthetic estrogen.

Treatment for vaginal dryness
Many women with vaginal dryness often resort to the use of lubrication. However, this is often not very effective, and the results are not as pleasurable, so intercourse is not as enjoyable.

Fowler GYN International offers treatment plans that can be individualized to a specific condition. They also have advanced diagnostic testing known as vaginal fluid analysis to determine the aberrant constituents in the vagina so that they can be corrected with vaginal medications. While hormone therapy is the mainstay of treatment for women with vaginal dryness, bio-identical hormones may well be safer than the synthetic options, because they closely resemble the hormones that occur naturally in the body. Fowler Gyn International has the expertise to use the correct bio-identical hormone type/s, dosage and proportions  to restore balance to that the vagina requires. If you are bothered by vaginal dryness, then you no longer have to suffer with the pain and discomfort, because help is available from the experts at Fowler GYN International.

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