How to determine what is causing vaginal odor

Feminine secretions are normal, but they are typically milky-white to clear in color and virtually odorless.  Like it’s difficult to describe the smell of fresh breath, the  smell of a fresh vagina is slightly sweet. If the vagina develops an odor of any other scent such as musky, fishy, chemical, etc. then there is something amiss. The problem can be annoying to overtly embarrassing and a deterrent to sexual relations. To fix it, it is important that you find out what is causing the vaginal odor.

Causes of Feminine Odor
The degree of odor does not correspond to the seriousness of the underlying cause.  An odor associated with a bloody discharge can be more serious such as a possible sign of cervical or uterine cancer. Yeast infections may be the reason behind a vaginal odor. A yeast infection is characterized by a thick white discharge, as well as an odor. Altered Vaginal Micro-flora patterns can be the underlying etiology. These can be associated with itching, burning, and/or vaginal discharge as well. Sexually transmitted disease (STD’s) can also result in a feminine odor; particularity trichomonas.

Treatment of Feminine Odor
Knowing what is causing the vaginal odor is one thing, but treating it is quite another. At the Fowler Gyn they provide advanced diagnostic testing of vaginal disorders, in order provide appropriate treatment.

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