Chronic Discharge associated with Vaginal Burning – What is causing this?

Most women have an occasional discharge that may last for a day or two at a time,  but when it becomes persistent and starts to cause distress; it’s time to get it checked. Once it has been going longer than 4 month and has not responded to the usual treatments for ‘vaginitis” then you need to look into seeing a specialist.

Vaginal discharge and burning may be Vulvodynia
Chronic vaginal discharge can sensitize the vestibule, which is the rim of tissue located at the opening of the vagina, resulting in burning. It can be mild to severe  pain and also cause pain with intercourse. The pain may be localized or generalized. Sometimes the pain only follows voiding, known in medical terms as external dysuria. In some cases it may only cause urinary frequency and urgency which can mimic a bladder infection.

How is it diagnosed?
Most gynecologists will do a vaginal bacterial and yeast culture and a vaginal wet prep. However, often these tests are negative which is perplexing to doctor and patient alike. Unfortunately, many gynecologists lack the necessary knowledge and advanced diagnostic tools to establish a diagnosis, and for this reason many women with the condition often find it difficult to find relief. Hence the term “chronic.”

The FGI difference
However, board certified gynecologist, Dr. R. Stuart Fowler of Fowler GYN International (FGI) has the requisite professional expertise and equipment to diagnose and treat the condition. FGI uses advanced diagnostic tools to properly evaluate the condition, so that a suitable treatment protocol can be tailored for each patient (learn more).

If you are suffering from symptoms you believe may be due to a chronic discharge, contact FGI, Phoenix, AZ, for a definite diagnosis and customized treatment plan. Call 480-420-4001 today for an appointment or register online at

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