Classes For Commercial Auditions Can Help You Land More Commercials

As a commercial actor you certainly want to keep busy, and classes for commercial auditions can give you the edge you need to land commercials regularly. Many actors find that a commercial role is a small investment that can lead to a big return. Training is the best preparation, and taking classes for commercial auditions can give actors the control needed to make a good impression in auditions.

Why choose commercial audition classes
When businesses are looking to create a commercial, they want it done just right, and the proper training can help you land the audition. If you want to make a good impression then train with well-known teachers. Training with teachers that are known and respected in the industry, will give casting directors the assurance that you are well trained, and you also know what you are doing (read more).

Getting the right training will teach you the ‘nuts and bolts’ that you need to learn about commercial auditions. Auditioning for a commercial is not the same as it is for a theatre or film. You only have a very short time, about 30-60 seconds, to reveal the character in you, and convince the casting director that you are the one to sell the product.

At the Carolyne Barry Creative Ent. located in Los Angeles, they have a cast of experienced teachers for their classes for commercial auditions. The classes are highly recommended by agents and casting directors, and will give you invaluable tips on how to convince the director that you’re the one for the role.

Classes for commercial auditions will teach you how to individualize the character and make it your own, as well as how to incorporate any suggestions from the casting director.

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