How to Enhance Libido and improve intimacy with the O-Shot

The O-Shot is an innovative solution for women who need to improve sexual intimacy. The injection is designed to rejuvenate the vagina tissue and stimulate new cells, in order to create an overall feeling of well-being. More women across the US are choosing to boost arousal and enhance libido with the O-shot.

How the O-Shot works

The physician will first remove blood from the patient’s own body, and isolate the platelet rich plasma (PRP) from the liquid component of the blood. The PRP is injected into the part of the vagina known as the O-spot, which is an area near the opening of the vagina, and close to the clitoris. The PRP contains growth factors that activate stem cells, which contribute to tissue regeneration.

A numbing cream is applied to the area prior to the injection. The injection is done using a very fine needle, so women experience very little discomfort during the procedure.

As new vaginal tissue grows, the area becomes more sensitive. The renewed sensitivity means that women with low sex drive and arousal issues can successfully enhance libido, after getting the O-Shot.

What to expect

Most women that have gotten the O-shot respond well to the treatment. However, success depends on the correct placement of the injections. Consequently, women contemplating the procedure should make certain that the O-Shot is done by a qualified physician who has been adequately trained, and is certified to do the injection.

If you are in Roswell, GA then you can contact Dr. Linda Kelley of Cobb Wellness and Aesthetics for more information on how to enhance libido with the O-Shot. You can schedule a consultation with Dr. Kelley at, to determine if the O-Shot is the appropriate procedure for the symptoms you are experiencing.

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