How can I know if I need to see a specialist for a vaginal problem?

Some women don’t like to discuss vaginal issues with their doctor, so they’re not quick to visit their gynecologist when they have a problem. Because of this they often ask – How can I know if I need to see a specialist for a vaginal problem?

You know it’s time to see a specialist for a vaginal problem if the:

Symptoms keep recurring
Some women suffer from recurring conditions such as bacterial or yeast infections, and despite receiving medication, the symptoms disappear only for a time. Recurring symptoms are an indication that there is a problem within the vaginal environment that needs to be fixed.

Condition goes undiagnosed
There are some vaginal conditions that are not easily diagnosed, because  they require advanced diagnostic tools. Unfortunately, many gynecologists do  not invest in these tools, and as a result, some women are unable to get a  definitive diagnosis despite frequent visits.

The waithing room is filled with pregnant women
Most ob/gyn’s who spend most of their time delivering babies tend to have a shallow knowledge and or limited experience with specialized gynecologic problems. Chronic vaginal conditions are best evaluated by a vaginal specialist.

The reality is there are not many vaginal specialists out there, so that’s often the reason why your gynecologist is unable to disclose your condition. If you have vaginal symptoms such as pain during intercourse, irritation, and burning, rawness or stinging and the treatment you’ve received has been unable to resolve the problem, it’s time to see a specialist.

Dr. R. Stuart Fowler of Fowler GYN International (FGI), Paradise Valley, AZ is a board certified gynecologist who specializes in vaginal conditions. Dr. Fowler has spent many years researching conditions such as vulvodynia, and understands the need to treat the underlying cause in order to remedy the problem.

Dr. Fowler has also invested in the necessary diagnostic tools, and developed tests and treatment protocols that are specially designed to give women with vaginal problems the relief they so desperately desire.

Call FGI today at (480) 420-4001 to set up a consultation or investigate this unique practice on line at

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