How Can I Reduce Vaginal Dryness & Infections?

Vaginal dryness and infections are two of the most common feminine concerns that can adversely affect a woman’s overall well-being. They can impact normal function on both a physical and sexual level. As a result of the discomfort these conditions cause, women often ask – How can I reduce vaginal dryness and infections?

Vaginal Dryness and Infections

Vaginal dryness is a condition that often occurs during menopause, and is due to a decline in the hormone, estrogen. Estrogen is foundational to vaginal health, as it assists with lubrication, therefore when levels decline dryness is the result.

Vaginal infections are an indication that there is a disruption in the usual pH balance of the vagina. The vaginal micro-flora is normally acidic, but this changes when there are shifts in the pH, and often leads to infections.


Here at The Renewal Center in Mukilteo, we are pleased to offer our clients FemiLift by Alma lasers, for the treatment of these and other feminine conditions. FemiLift is a versatile, state-of-the art CO2 laser.

How FemiLift Treats Vaginal Dryness and Infections

The thermal energy from the FemiLift laser heats the vaginal walls, and rejuvenates the vulvovaginal tissue. The laser energy is delivered into the tissues via a slim probe that has a 360 degree rotation, and penetrates to 5-6cm.

FemiLift is an outpatient procedure that takes about 15 minutes to perform. There is no pain, and no recovery time, so patients can resume regular activities after treatment.

Most patients need 3 treatments to see optimal results. The improvements achieved with FemiLift, typically last 12 to 18 months.

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