How Can I treat Feminine Skin Itching & Dryness?

If you are frustrated by constant itching and dryness in the vulva region, it is possible to find the relief you need. But just how can you treat feminine skin itching and dryness high level of expertise.

Common causes of feminine skin itching and dryness
Itching and dryness in the vulva area is often due to external factors, such as irritation caused by skin care products that contain chemicals and other irritants. However, the condition may also be due to internal factors, and this is often related to a shift in the normal vaginal micro-flora. Also there are a few skin dermatoses like lichen sclerosis that may be playing a role.

How Can I treat Feminine Skin Itching & Dryness?
A proper diagnosis is vital to getting relief from feminine skin itching and dryness. The treatment will therefore depend on the specific diagnosis made. If the itching and dryness is due to irritation linked to the use of feminine hygiene products, a set of non-irritating hypoallergenic skin care products will be recommended.

However, in cases where the skin itching and dryness is the result of an altered vaginal micro-flora, the physician will carry out a vaginal fluid analysis test to identify the vaginal constituents that are present. The treatment protocol will then focus on restoring the vagina to a healthy state.

Fowler GYN International (FGI) specializes in vulvovaginal conditions. FGI has developed a skin care collection known as the FeminaRx Skin Care Collection, which consists of hypocontactant products that are specially designed for sensitive external genitalia. They offer the vaginal fluid analysis test to determine if altered vaginal microflora patterns in the vagina are contributing or causing the problem. This is a highly specialized expertise with the testing not generally available in routine gynecologist offices. They have women come from all across the country where thousands have been treated with success. You can reach them at, or by calling (480) 420-4001.

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