How does FemiLift help with symptoms of SUI?

Urinary Incontinence or SUI as it is commonly known, affects millions of people around the world. Studies have shown that women are far more likely to be affected by SUI than men, and one in three women will suffer from the condition at some point in their lives. Involuntary leakage of urine can be an embarrassing occurrence and combined with other symptoms of SUI, the condition can have negative effects on someone’s quality of life and their self-esteem (click here).

Is there a solution?

Fortunately, there is an effective solution for the symptoms of SUI and it doesn´t require surgery or downtime. Many women have been successfully treated using the cutting-edge treatment pioneered by Alma Lasers known as FemiLift and it is one of the few FDA-approved laser treatments available on the market today.

How does FemiLift work?

The FemiLift is a highly effective laser treatment that is performed on an outpatient basis in under 30 minutes. A slender probe is inserted into the vaginal canal, which transmits C02 pixel laser energy to the vaginal walls in order to strengthen the cells through deep thermal heating. Once the production of collagen and elastin has been triggered in specific areas of the vagina, the muscles supporting the urethra are strengthened. As a result of this, the bladder is better supported and patients find they are able to regain control of urination.

When do results become noticeable?

Positive improvements regarding the relief of symptoms of SUI are noticeable after the first FemiLift session. Approximately three consecutive sessions are recommended in order to experience optimal results and longevity. However, your specific requirements will be discussed during your consultation at Mountain West Dermatology and Aesthetics.

For more information on FemiLift treatments, please call us today at (970) 242-7273.

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