How Should I Prepare For A Breast Augmentation?

If you are anxious about your upcoming breast augmentation surgery, planning ahead is the best way to ease any concerns you may have about the operation. It’s therefore advisable to ask your plastic surgeon how you should prepare for breast augmentation. Being prepared will make recovery easier and safer.

How should you prepare for a breast augmentation
While you are counting down the weeks for your breast augmentation, there are some important things to be done to ensure that you are properly prepared for surgery.

Prior to breast augmentation patients are advised to:

  • Fill prescriptions: Patients should fill all the prescriptions they will need in advance of surgery so that they can be conveniently accessed after the operation.
  • Discontinue using certain types of medication. Prior to a breast augmentation patients are advised to stop using some medications such as blood thinners, which can cause excessive bleeding during and after surgery. They are also directed to stop taking herbal supplements.
  • Arrange for help after surgery. Patients should have someone take them to and from surgery, and also arrange for help at home during the first few days of recovery. This is vital, because even basic tasks will be difficult, so it’s necessary to ask family or friends to assist.

In addition, patients should not have anything to eat or drink after midnight on the night before surgery. They should also wear loose fitting clothes to the operation, and avoid wearing any jewelry.

If patients follow these tips they should have a more comfortable surgical experience, and be better able to cope during the post-operative period.

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