How soon can I return to my normal routine after a breast reduction?

Women with very large breasts often suffer with back pain and other discomfort, as a result of having to carry around extra pounds of body weight. For them, breast reduction provides welcomerelief from their pain. But while they’re glad about surgery, they are often unhappy with the interruption to their normal life, so one of the most common questions they ask their plastic surgeon is – ‘How soon can I return to my normal routine after a breast reduction.

Breast reduction surgery

Breast reduction or reduction mammoplasty is a procedure that is done to eliminate excess breast tissue, as well as fat and skin, in order to make the breasts smaller and lighter.

How soon can I return to my normal routine?

You are certainly going to need at least 2-3 weeks’ time off after breast reduction surgery. It all depends on how quickly the scars heal, and the amount of pain you’re having.

Patients are generally advised to avoid exercising and other activities that would cause the breasts to move up and down too much, as it will put undue stress on the incisions.Lifting should also be avoided for at least7-10 days.

If your job is largely sedentary, then it’s usually okay to go back to work within 1-2 weeks. However, this may increase to 4 weeks for women with jobs that have a lot of physical activity.

Breast reduction surgery, Tupelo, MS

Most women who undergo reduction agree that it improves their overall quality of life, so if excessively large breasts are a problem for you, Accent Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery is here to help you fix it. Call 662-377-6290to schedule a consultation with board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Mark Craig.

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