How to treat recurrent vaginal infections

Vaginal infections are accompanied by a whole host of unpleasant symptoms such as severe itching and burning, dryness and the frequent need to urinate. It is normal for you to have a vaginal infection from time to time, but if you find yourself having to put up with constant discomfort and a lackluster sex life due to recurrent vaginal infections, then it is time to take action.

Many women choose to treat vaginal infections once they occur by applying topical creams, antibiotics or even natural home remedies. Whilst many find these methods to be a satisfactory way of overcoming unwanted and sometimes, extremely irritating symptoms, others can no longer stand it and prefer to solve the problem, before it even begins in a safe, efficient and highly effective way.

Introducing FemiLift for recurrent vaginal infections.

If you are amongst the millions of women seeking a rapid solution to finally put an end to recurrent vaginal infections once and for all, then look no further than Alma´s FDA-approved FemiLift treatment. Performed over an average course of three 30-minute sessions, this innovative laser technology rejuvenates the vaginal tissue via deep thermal heating, thus increasing natural lubrication and neutralizing your vaginal pH levels. The powerful results produced by FemiLift are noticeable after your first treatment and the additional benefits include a tighter feeling vagina, increased sensitivity and enhanced sexual gratification for both partners.

What you need to know about The FemiLift treatment.

Too many women tolerate recurrent vaginal infections unnecessarily, as they believe that an advanced treatment will involve a painful procedure requiring them to take time off work to recover. This is not an issue with laser treatments such as the FemiLift, as it is performed in consult and is entirely painless. No anesthetic or post-treatment downtime is necessary, so you can resume normal daily activity immediately after your visit to our South Miami clinic.

If you want to put an end to recurrent vaginal infections, then schedule your free consultation at the Center for Urogynecology and Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery in Florida. Call us today at (305) 665-2060.

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