How Meisner technique can help hone your skills and improve your acting

Good actors are able to think on their feet, and improvise in any situation. While these skills come naturally to some, most actors need help to develop them. That’s why taking acting classes and learning the different acting techniques is so important. While there are several choices, the Meisner acting technique stands above all the rest. Let’s see just how the Meisner technique can improve your acting.

The Meisner technique was developed by Sanford Meisner who was considered an exceptional acting teacher. The Meisner technique is a structured, technically sound approach to acting. It involves a series of exercises that all build upon each other, with each step laying the groundwork for the next one.

Meisner technique helps with:

  • Improvisation: Through the repetitious exercises actors learn to live truthfully in the moment, which is the heart and soul of improv. With improv it’s important to ‘move the scene forward,’ and Meisner technique helps actors to easily adapt to different scenes and circumstances, so that the scene doesn’t fall flat.


  • Freedom of Expression: Meisner’s step by step approach teaches actors how to expand their imagination, and bring their own unique expression to what they do. Therefore regardless of the script or scenario, they can respond on impulse.


  • Connecting with other actors: Actors learn to listen and respond, and that means focusing on the other actors, and making the necessary connections.

The Meisner technique is one of the most widely used acting methods in the world of film and theatre. If you are interested in learning more about how the Meisner technique can improve your acting, then you should attend classes at The Carolyne Barry Creative Ent in Los Angeles CA. You can go to to sign up, or send an email to

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