How mistakes can become opportunities and help you improve as an actor

If you’re auditioning for a role and something goes wrong, it’s important not to break character, but instead try to quickly get back on script.  Chances are you’re going to make a lot of missteps in your acting career, but you need to understand how those mistakes can help you improve as an actor.

Forgot your lines? … Get back on script quickly
Even the most conscientious actor can forget lines onstage during an audition. There are times when you momentarily lose focus, and the line slips from your memory. This doesn’t have to be a bad thing, because if you are able to recover immediately, it can make you stand out in the mind of the casting director.

This mistake offers an opportunity to use your improv skills, and think and react quickly.  These are attributes that can help you to book the job, although you made a blunder.

Missed your cue? … Think Creatively
If you miss your cue, you can creatively move on without making the slip-up obvious. The casting director will get a chance to see your creativity, and here again it will give you the chance to distinguish yourself from the other actors.

This mistake offers an opportunity to make the most of your creative expression. Your approach will also show those watching that you are confident in your abilities.

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