How to successfully book commercial acting gigs

When you get a commercial casting call, you often don’t have a lot pf prep time to get things right, and you have to be able to get going immediately.  Actors often get the call the day before the audition or even the same day, so being audition ready is important. Also in many instances there is no copy, so actors must be able to improvise well.

Commercial actors that are good at improv are generally more successful, because they are able to easily act in the moment.  Since a commercial is such a small segment, casting directors are often looking for the actor that can pull off that one big moment that will connect with viewers, so that they decide to buy the product.

Commercials are all about selling, so as a commercial actor you need to be very personable. Be sure to have a pleasant appearance, a ready smile, and radiate openness and confidence. Being able to book commercial acting gigs, depends on how well you are able to convince the casting director that you can deliver what he is looking for.

You should also be able to correctly apply the acting training you’ve had. Attending acting classes/workshops is important in helping you hone your craft. The techniques and skills you learn are designed to challenge you, enabling you to grow and become a better actor.

Improv is a key skill for a commercial actor, because the audition is often spiced with a fair amount of variety. It’s not unusual for a casting director to ask you to give them something else, and this will mean that you have to bring a different character or situation to the table.

At the Carolyne Barry Creative Ent. they prepare you for the eventualities that you will meet at commercial auditions. The workshops they offer are all designed to help you to successfully book commercial acting gigs (read more).

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