How to determine your acting type and improve your success

If you’re an actor, then at some point in your career, (preferably earlier and not later), you have to take an honest look at yourself and answer the question ‘what’s my acting type.’  It’s very important to understand how to determine your acting type or brand, because this information can make all the difference to your success.

Why knowing your brand as an actor is important

Not many actors can play a wide range of roles with the same credibility and strength, but most have a type that they excel at. Figuring out your type is the ideal way to market yourself, and go after the roles that you have the best chance of landing.

Determining your acting type

Most actors find it difficult to determine their acting type. But it’s necessary to devote the time and take the steps to find out. You can ask others for help in order to get an objective opinion, but you also need to identify those unique qualities that make you memorable. It’s often these stand-out personality traits that get you hired.

When determining your brand, you should look at factors such as your age, personality type, physical appearance, and essence, which relates to your energy and vibe.

Taking part in acting workshops can also help you to identify the range of roles that are a good fit for you. Participating in acting classes often provides the environment in which you can view yourself through objective lens. Your acting teachers will also help to spot your type, and suggest appropriate roles.

Acting workshops in Los Angeles

Attending acting workshops at the Carolyne Barry Creative Ent, in Los Angeles, CA can help you understand how to determine your acting type. Why not give them a call today at (323) 654-2212 to find out more, or email them at

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