Learning How to nail your commercial audition

So you’ve finally gotten that commercial audition you’ve been waiting for. You really want to land this part, but there are a lot of other actors vying for the role. Right on cue you remember the tips you learnt during classes about how to nail your commercial audition, and you step confidently through the door…

Most actors are somewhat nervous about auditions, but taking commercial audition classes can give you the tips you need to ace your audition. Make sure that you are comfortable with improvising, because it’s a skill that will help you to audition well.

Here are some things to remember for your next commercial audition.

  • Be prepared and be on time: Casting for commercials is not quite the same as it is for film or theatre. The session is a lot quicker, so you don’t have time to flub your audition, take the time to learn your lines properly, so that you get it right the first time. Know the role you are auditioning for and dress the part, so that the casting director can ‘see’ you in that role.


  • Pay attention to Instructions: Listen carefully to the instructions of the session director, and make sure you understand exactly what the director is looking for.


  • Deliver a Powerful Performance: Make your audition real and simple by not overacting.Use all your acting abilities, and all that you’ve learnt at acting classes to enact the role well, and deliver a performance that will impress the casting director.

At the Carolyne Barry Creative Ent. in Los Angeles, CA, they offer commercial acting classes, and also give you tips on how to nail your commercial auditions. You can contact them via email at carolyne@carolynebarry.com, or you can call the office at 323-654-2212.

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