I have discomfort during sex, is that normal?

Women often feel awkward talking to their gynecologist, or any doctor for that matter, about sex related issues. However, a problem in this area should never be ignored, because it could be the sign of a more serious health concern, and can also impact your psychological well-being. So don’t be afraid to approach your doctor and ask questions like this one – I have discomfort during sex, is that normal.

What are the possible diagnoses?
Sexual intercourse should be pleasurable and pain-free, so if you have discomfort or pain during sex it’s certainly not normal, and warrants a visit to your gynecologist. Your gynecologist will do the necessary tests to determine the source of the problem. Potential diagnoses include endometriosis, vaginal atrophy, the vaginal caliber too tight or the length too short. in some cases even gynecologists can be baffled as to the etiology. In many of these cases, the cause of painful intercourse is the result of a condition known as vulvodynia.

What is vulvodynia?
Vulvodynia is marked by pain at the opening of the vagina which can extend out onto the vulva. The pain may be persistent or it may come and go. The quality of pain with vulvodynia includes burning, rawness, stinging and knife-like. Until recently, not a lot was known about vulvodynia, and as a result it was often misdiagnosed and not correctly treated. However, more gynecologists are now able to recognize and diagnose it but still unable to treat it effectively.

Board certified gynecologist Dr. R. Stuart Fowler, of Fowler Gyn International, has done extensive research into vulvodynia, and discovered new perspectives on the cause and treatment of the condition. When it comes to sexual health it pays to be proactive, so if you’ve been diagnosed with vulvodynia but have been unable to get the help you’re looking for, contact Dr. Fowler at FGI today. FGI is located in Paradise Valley, AZ.

Call (480) 420-4001 to schedule your consultation, or request a free pre-registration call at fowlergyninternational.com/contact-us.

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