The importance and benefits of improv in commercial acting

Regardless of the type of acting you specialize in, improv is a vital skill that can positively impact success. Improv is therefore necessary for all actors, so the importance of improv in commercial acting cannot be overstated. In Improv, the dialogue, plot, and characters are made up during the play, consequently there is no script or pre-planning.

Improv and the Commercial Actor
Improv can help the commercial actor do better at auditions. Improv training forces actors to think and react quickly, and this ability makes them more confident to express themselves freely during auditions. This is especially beneficial when actors come across auditions for non-scripted commercials. They have to be able to think and respond really fast.

Improv training also helps actors stand out at auditions, because they are better prepared to deal with changes, and not get overwhelmed. There are times the casting director may decide to make changes on the spot, but this will not be a problem for the actor with improv training, as they have to deal with these types of scenarios during classes.

Actors with improv training are usually more remarkable at auditions, as they are able to build scenes easily. They can also impress casting directors when they are able to effortlessly change up scenes for greater impact.

At the Carolyne Barry Creative Ent. in Los Angeles, they offer specialized improv workshops that are designed to hone improv skills. The classes are intended to teach actors the art of improv, so that they are adequately empowered to respond and react with ease in various situations.

The importance of improv in commercial acting is obvious, as it helps to build confidence and commitment, and also teaches actors to listen, be creative, trust their instincts, and support other actors.

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