Important Benefits Of Laser Hair Removal Compared To Waxing

Laser hair removal is a faster, more convenient alternative that has revolutionized the way hair removal is done. But since the procedure is more expensive, people often wonder how it stacks up against more traditional methods. This article examines the benefits of laser hair removal compared to waxing (click here).

How laser hair removal works: Laser hair removal involves the use of laser technology to get rid of unwanted hair. The lasers emit laser energy that targets the dark melanin at the base of the hair follicle. The lasers damage the hair follicle, thereby preventing hair from growing in the future, and this produces long-lasting results. It generally takes about 4 to 8 laser treatments to achieve optimal results, but this may vary depending on the area being treated.

How waxing works: During waxing a hot wax mixture is spread thinly over the area to be waxed. Next, a cloth strip is pressed onto the wax, and then the hair is ripped free from the skin.

Benefits Of Laser Hair Removal Compared To Waxing

  • Laser hair removal is fast and there is zero downtime, while waxing is time consuming.
  • Laser hair removal produces results that can last up to 6 months, while waxing is temporary, and hair grows back in 6 to 8 weeks.
  • Waxing is painful, whereas laser hair removal is relatively painless.
  • Since the hair follicle is disabled during laser hair removal there is little chance of clients having a problem with ingrown hairs, but this is a common complaint with waxing.
  • Clients can go for extended periods between laser hair removal sessions, but waxing requires regular maintenance.

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