Benefits of improv classes in Los Angeles

Being a good actor means bringing all that you are to your work, and improv can help you do that.While some actors are naturally good at it, others are not so lucky, therefore taking improv classes in Los Angeles is a great way to master the art.

What is improv?
Improv is entertaining, unscripted acting that trains actors in important skill sets. Whether you are a TV actor, or you work on stage or film, the spontaneity of improv creates unique acting moments, and this makes it very special. Without a script to work with, actors must use their imagination to fashion the story, dialogue, and character that goes into each scene.

Improv can best be described as live theatre, as everything is made up in the moment. Each actor takes his cue from the actor that went before. Although improv is usually associated with comedic acting, it is a useful skill for any acting type.

Benefits of improv classes
Taking improv classes helps actors to better appreciate the dynamics of acting. Although scenes are unrehearsed, there are techniques that can help you improve role play.

At the Carolyne Barry Creative Ent, LA they offer improv classes for both the experienced and the rookie actor. At the introductory level, actors are exposed to the fundamentals of improv. Classes incorporate scene basics, character development, and location work. Advanced performance improv classes use games and exercises to challenge experienced actors, to build better scenes and characters.

Perhaps one of the most important skills actors learn in improv classes in Los Angeles is how to keep the scene going. Each actor must maintain the momentum of the scene and add to the preceding dialogue, starting off with ‘yes … and.’ There is no doubt that improv can improve artistic performance.

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