Is there a home treatment for Altered Vaginal Micro-flora (AVMF)?

A healthy vagina is marked by lots of beneficial bacteria known as lactobacilli that help to maintain its natural acidic pH level, and sterilize the vagina from “harmful” bacteria. Any changes in the delicate balance of flora will therefore adversely affect vaginal health. But how can this type of imbalance be corrected, and is there a home treatment for altered vaginal micro-flora.

Altered vaginal micro-flora (AVMF)
The vaginal micro-flora refers to the bacteria that make up the vagina, which is usually dominated by ‘good bacteria’ or lactobacilli. The bacteria help to maintains vaginal health by producing substances that prevent the growth of unwanted micro-organisms, including yeast and proliferation of abnormal bacteria.

Altered vaginal micro-flora relates to shifts in the normal balance of the micro-flora. This can cause the vagina to lose its normal acidity, triggering the growth of harmful bacteria. This is usually characterized by symptoms such as itching, burning, discharge, and soreness.

Is there a home treatment for altered vaginal micro-flora (AVMF)?
Altered vaginal micro-flora is best treated with vaginal therapies that are designed to correct the health of the squamous cells that line the vagina, so as to restore the nutrient basis of the vagina. This requires an accurate diagnosis of the constituents of the vaginal secretions.  At Fowler GYN International (FGI) this is done using the advanced Vaginal Fluid Analysis (VFA) test. The proper nutrients are prescribes based on these results. Some of the key ingredients are bio-identical or naturally found in the human body but require prescriptions to obtain them. Consequently there are no “home treatments” or over-the-counter therpies that are effective.

Who provides expertise for diagnosis and treatment for AVMF?
At Fowler Gyn International, they specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of conditions with underlying AVMF patterns such as symptoms of vulvovaginal  burning, itching, discharge and odor. They conduct a comprehensive microscopic evaluation of the vaginal secretions, known as the Vaginal Fluid Analysis (VFA) Test upon which treatment protocols are formulated.

If you believe the symptoms you are experiencing may be related to altered vaginal micro-flora, contact FGI, Phoenix, AZ, for a consultation. Call them today at (480) 420-4001 to see if you are a candidate for their practice. Check out the numerous testimonies on line at

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