Is there a treatment for stress urinary incontinence?

Stress urinary incontinence is an embarrassing issue experienced by a huge number of women around the world, including a quarter to a third of the entire female population in the US. The severity of stress urinary incontinence ranges from occasional urine leakage to having an urge to urinate that is so sudden and strong you can’t make it to the restroom in time.

Besides being a medical problem, stress urinary incontinence can fundamentally influence your mental and emotional well being. Many people experiencing these troublesome symptoms are left to endure this condition without a solution to their ailment.

There are a few elements that contribute to the onset of SUI. For example, giving labor, pregnancy and menopause. Recent studies have also revealed that poor general health and diabetes also increase the chances of someone developing SUI.

Treatment options for stress urinary incontinence

While there are a few different treatment options for urinary incontinence like kegel exercises or wearing absorbent pads, few of them have been proven to successfully eliminate the side effects of SUI. Until recently, short of going through a painful surgery with extensive downtime- there were no viable methods to effectively treat SUI.

Introducing FemiLift for the treatment of stress urinary incontinence

As of recently there is now a non-invasive approach to effectively treat urinary incontinence by means of laser treatment. FemiLift by Alma lasers utilizes ultra short pulses of laser energy to stimulate the increased production of collagen and elastin in the vaginal area. The delicate, yet powerful treatment focuses on pre-urethral space by thickening the vaginal walls and giving better support to the mid urethra underside.

Positive improvements can be noticed immediately and several patients report a noteworthy decrease in their side effects, particularly with respect to enhanced bladder control and continence.

For more information about how the FemiLift treatment can help alleviate your symptoms of stress urinary incontinence, or to schedule a free consultation- please call The Pennsylvania Centre For Plastic Surgery at (267)-687-2180.

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