Is there a treatment that can help solve urinary incontinence?

Discussions about ‘intimate issues’ such as urinary incontinence have gotten a lot more candid these days. As a result, women are becoming aware that they do have options when it comes to treating these concerns. But is there really a treatment that can solve urinary incontinence.

Urinary Incontinence
Urinary incontinence refers to the unintended leaking of urine, and for some women this happens when they are doing everyday things like running, sneezing, laughing, or coughing.  Urinary incontinence in women is often caused by the weakening of the vaginal muscles due to childbirth and menopause, or a weak bladder.

Is there a treatment that can help solve urinary incontinence?
Yes there is, and it’s a vaginal rejuvenation treatment known as FemiLift. While vaginal rejuvenation is often considered only a cosmetic procedure, it does have functional benefits as well. For many women, urinary incontinence is a big motivator for getting a vaginal rejuvenation treatment like FemiLift.

FemiLift uses fractional CO2 laser technology to treat the vaginal walls. It also rejuvenates the pelvic floor, and this in turn improves the support for the urethra, making it a very good treatment for urinary incontinence. The procedure is fast, safe, and very effective, and usually requires a protocol of 3 treatments, performed at 4 week intervals.

There is no downtime, so women can resume their normal activities immediately after the procedure.

If you are suffering from urinary incontinence, FemiLift can improve the symptoms, and it only takes a few minutes.

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