Is there a way to prevent symptoms suggestive of recurring UTI’S?

Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs) are common among men and women, but for some women, symptoms of UTI’s become a recurring problem. This can lead to a lot of negative feelings, and frustrations due to the accompanying urinary frequency/urgency and burning at the vaginal opening.

Do you really have a UTI, or is it something else
Recurring UTI symptoms are often a sign that something else may be the problem, especially if urine samples and cultures keep showing up negative.  Treating and preventing the UTI therefore requires rigorous testing, to provide an accurate diagnosis.

At Fowler GYN International (FGI), this is done by way of a Vaginal Fluid Analysis (VFA) test, to determine if there is any abnormality in the vaginal microflora.

Imbalance in the vaginal micro-flora can result in an abundance of bad bacteria, and this causes vaginal secretions that irritate the tissues, and the vestibule. The vestibule is the vaginal opening, and it is here that the urethra, which is the duct that runs from the bladder, opens into.

As a result, the urethra can be affected by any irritants present in the vestibule. This can cause symptoms such as burning, urgency and frequency to urinate, and general vaginal discomfort, which resemble the common indicators of UTIs.

Preventing symptoms suggesting UTIs
When the cause of the UTI-like symptoms are identified, an individualized treatment protocol can be crafted, which will prevent UTIs in the future. Treatment will focus on restoring balance to the vaginal constituents, in order to prevent the irritating secretions that can give rise to the UTI- like symptoms.

Contact Fowler GYN International, Paradise valley, AZ for more information on preventing recurring UTIs. Please call (480) 420-4001 today, and set up a consultation with Dr. R. Stuart Fowler.

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