Is there treatment option for females who experience pain during intercourse?

Pain during intercourse is often a chronic problem that should never be ignored, as it ususally won’t resolve on its own and it dose not need to be that way. Some women afflicted with the condition describe the pain as searing and debilitating. However, doctors are often unable to recommend suitable solutions, because of incomplete diagnosis as the underlying factors. So is there a suitable treatment option available for females who experience pain during intercourse?

Pain during intercourse is also known as vulvodynia. The condition is characterized by pain at the opening of the vaginal canal, which is often accompanied by burning, stinging, and at times urinary urgency and frequent as well.

The most effective treatment for pain during intercourse can only be arrived at by first determining the cause.  That’s why Fowler Gyn International (FGI) utilizes advanced testing to come up with the underlying cause. The test developed by FGI for this purpose is known as the vaginal fluid analysis (VFA) test.

The VFA test analyzes the vaginal secretions, and identifies any abnormalities in the vaginal flora and associated constituents. A customized treatment protocol is then created to bring back balance to the vaginal milieu.  Carrying out advanced diagnostic testing is an important step in arriving at an accurate diagnosis. Without this type of testing, physicians are usually unable to successfully treat females who experience pain during intercourse.

The treatment protocol provided by FGI promotes restoration back to normal vaginal health which takes over 4-6 months to accomplish. This technique has been uesd with success by thousands of women.

FGI is the innovation of Mayo trained Board Certified gynecologist Dr. R. Stuart Fowler. Since making the decision to devote his time and resources to helping women with troubling vulvovaginal issues via his online medical consulting practice, Dr. Fowler has helped many women find relief from vulvodynia.

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