Is Vaginal Rejuvenation Painful?

One of the consequences of natural childbirth can be a looser feeling vagina, causing unpleasant issues like decreased bladder control and diminished sexual gratification. Many women who are suffering from vaginal laxity are aware that vaginal rejuvenation is an effective solution to restore tightness, but the worry and apprehension of undergoing a surgical procedure has likely discouraged them from taking action. At this point key questions tend to arise; one of the most common being “Is vaginal rejuvenation painful?”

Traditionally, vaginal rejuvenation was only possible through having a surgical procedure performed under general anesthetic. As with any invasive surgery, discomfort and pain was to be expected during the recovery period afterwards and this was the main deterrent for the majority of women. Today, non-invasive laser technology such as FemiLift, allows women to enjoy the benefits of vaginal rejuvenation without having to go through the painful downtime.

Does FemiLift Hurt?
FemiLift is a virtually pain free solution for women experiencing vaginal laxity or dryness and the treatment is done on an outpatient basis, lasting no longer than 30 minutes. There is zero downtime following the procedure and you can return to normal activity, including sexual intercourse, immediately afterwards. Since laser technology has become an increasingly common practice in aesthetic medicine, going through a painful and expensive surgery is no longer necessary to experience the benefits that Vaginal Rejuvenation yields. The treatment is remarkably effective and produces noticeable improvements after just one session, although for maximum results 3 sessions are recommended.

Why Should I Consider FemiLift?
Aside from restoring elasticity and the aesthetic appearance of your vagina, FemiLift is an effective solution for those suffering from Stress Urinary Incontinence or recurrent infections, resulting in a life free of the worry and discomfort that once affected their normal activity so greatly. It is a safe and gentle procedure, which to date has increased the overall physical and emotional wellbeing of thousands of women in the US alone.

For more information on FemiLift treatments call Puravida, serving the Baltimore, Maryland metro,and at (301) 604-8432.

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