Shocking Causes of Embarrassing Feminine Odor

When the vagina is in a healthy state it’s quite normal to have a discharge that has a slight odor, but when an odor becomes offensive, it is reason for concern. There are several factors that influence the vaginal milieu, which can lead to a particularly unusual odor. What are some of the shocking causes of embarrassing feminine odor?Let’s take a look.

There is perhaps nothing more troubling for a woman than a persistent feminine odor. The problem is often diagnosed as being the result of yeast, or bacterial vaginosis, and treatment is therefore focused on these symptoms. As a result, they often get only temporary relief, because the underlying issue has not been treated.

Causes of Feminine odor
Feminine odor can often be traced to altered vaginal micro-flora. The vaginal micro-flora consists of a mix of bacteria that is predominated by good bacteria known as lactobacilli. However, there are influences that can alter the healthy vaginal state, and when this happens, embarrassing odors and excess dischargeoften result.

The vaginal micro-flora may be altered due to an adverse reaction to common feminine hygiene products. Believe it or not products such as shower gels, scented tampons, powders, and perfumes, can oftentimes trigger an allergic reaction and irritate the vaginal lining, resulting in an offensive odor.

Fixing the problem can only be achieved by providing the support the vaginal environment needs to regain balance. Getting the vagina back to a healthy state starts by first identifying the deficiencies in the micro-flora patterns.

Dr. R. Stuart Fowler of Fowler GYN International (FGI), Paradise Valley, AZ, has developed the very accurate vaginal fluid analysis test (VFA) for this purpose. Starting with this precise diagnostic tool, FGI has been able to successfully treat many women with embarrassing vaginal odor. Call(480) 420-4001to schedule an appointment and find out more.

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