Help is available for women with a short vagina

Pain during intercourse can be the result of a number of factors, and one of them is a short vagina. While this might not be a very common condition, there are some women that are faced with this dilemma. It can be very alarming, as it makes them dislike intercourse, and this in turn can negatively impact their relationship.

In many cases, women are not aware that the pain and discomfort that they experience during intercourse is the result of a short vaginal length. Coupled with this, is the fact that there are not many doctors that specialize in vaginal disorders, so a primary care physician as well as many gynecologists may not be aware of the source of their patient’s distress.

However, a short vagina can be very problematic for several reasons. During deep insertion a woman’s partner will hit the top of the vagina or cervix, and if there is continued thrusting, it is likely to cause central pain. In addition, it can result in bruising of the cervix. It’s no wonder that women with this condition eventually start to dread having sex.

Short vagina- Causes
Women can have a shorter than average vagina from birth because of the normal variability in the development process. However, the most common reason is that the vaginal mucosa shrinks due to overall lower average estrogen levels, making the vagina shorter. The vaginal is very dependent on estrogen. When there is sufficient estrogen stimulation, the vagina is thick, very elastic, non-sensitive and produces natural lubricant. When estrogen effect wanes, the vagina becomes more “atrophic.” As the effect advances, the vaginal mucosa lining turns pale pink, then pale, and finally whitish with sub mucosal hemorrhage spots. The vagina becomes more dry, less elastic, and sensitive to touch. Under these conditions the vagina begins to shrink in length as well as diameter. Intercourse gradually becomes uncomfortable, if not painful and sometimes impossible. There are a number of reasons why the vagina can become under-estrogenized. Low estrogen often occurs during menopause, as a natural result of the aging process.
Stress, birth control pills, smoking, borderline/under weight and excessive exercise, can also lead to a drop in estrogen.

So where can women with a short vagina find help? Women that are bothered by this condition can contact the experts at the Fowler Gyn International (FGI). Dr. R. Stuart Fowler is the founder of FGI, and he has spent many years researching and treating vaginal problems and has developed treatment protocols that have been used with success by thousands of women.

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