3 Steps to take to prevent rookie mistakes in an audition

If you’ve been going to a lot of auditions, but you aren’t getting callbacks or bookings, then there is probably something you are doing wrong. Auditions can be intimidating, but if you let the occasion get to you and start feeling nervous, chances are you are going to make mistakes. However, there are steps to take to prevent rookie mistakes in an audition that will definitely make auditioning easier.

When you step in front of the casting director you’ve only got one chance to impress, so you have to get it right the first time. Don’t be nervous, just allow yourself to settle into the moment, and show them what you can do. Here are 3 simple steps to remember:

1.    Show up on time and be prepared. Getting to an audition late and then being unprepared is not a good idea. You’ll feel calm and confident when you get there ready and on time, and less likely to make mistakes.

2.    Know what’s expected. If you’re not sure what the casting director is looking for you won’t be able to deliver. So if you’re not sure what’s expected of you, ask for clarification, rather than do the wrong thing.

3.    Use cue cards if you have them. Memorizing your lines may seem like a good idea, but remember that auditions can be nerve wracking, and that can cause you to mess up your lines.

Once you know the scenario you are dealing with in your audition, get to it right away, and make your performance as honest and believable as possible (learn more).

Taking audition classes can help you learn more about steps to take to prevent rookie mistakes in an audition. Contact Carolyne Barry Creative Ent. in Los Angeles at (323) 654-2212, for more information on audition workshops.

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