The best meisner acting classes maintain original principles

There are various acting methods and techniques; however, the Meisner technique is among the most popular. The best Meisner acting classes are those that stay true to the original concept, and don’t vary too much from it. Meisner popularized a set of activities and repetition exercises that develop an actor’s ability to listen well, (click here) and answer spontaneously.

About the Meisner Technique
The Meisner technique was developed by noted American acting instructor Sanford Meisner.  Meisner believed that actors should have truthful reactions to each other, rather than prescribed responses that were inconsistent with the screenplay. In order to facilitate spontaneity, Meisner created a sequence of exercises. These are designed to help actors take their acting to a level that is real and believable, while creating an authentic connection with the other actors in the scene.

Meisner Acting Classes
Meisner acting classes are available at acting schools throughout the US, including the Carolyne Barry Creative Ent. in Los Angeles. There they offer Scene Study training using the Meisner technique. This 2 month course is designed to improve the actor’s skill set, as well as their emotional freedom.

They also offer a 3 year program consisting of a yearly 9-month workshop, in addition to a 6-week summer program that focuses on the Meisner technique. The 3 year program is aimed at developing the actor’s spontaneity. Various elements are used to help actors listen and respond better. They also learn to ‘live truthfully in every moment.’

The Meisner technique has proven to be very beneficial in helping actors develop their ability to listen and respond, in a manner that is natural and effortless. The best Meisner acting classes are true to Meisner’s principles, and therefore don’t create their own version.

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