How to effectively Treat Feminine Itching

Intermittent vaginal itching is a complaint that most women have from exposure to such things as perspiration, shaving, and chafing from tight cloths. This is of no medical concern but there are ways to such occurrences. However when irritation and itching becomes frequent or constant, then this deserves a medical evaluation for sure. The itching makes the vaginal area dry, sensitive, and very uncomfortable. In order to properly treat feminine itching, it is important to accurately diagnose the cause.

Causes/ Treatment of feminine itching
Itching and irritation can be caused by conditions that cause skin dryness, intrinsic changes in the skin itself by skin dermatoses, exposure to chemical irritants in  common hygienic products, and from constituents in vaginal secretions due to infections or altered vaginal micro-flora.

If there is an “insult to the health of the vaginal,” normal vaginal micro-flora pattern  can be disturbed, then it may make the bad bacteria multiply and dominate the good bacteria. This can result in vaginal secretions that irritate the area at the vaginal opening and surrounding tissues. Taking vaginal cultures for bacteria can be misleading and just shows the particular bad bacterial strain that is currently most abundant. Cultures for yeast are helpful but to sort out the vaginal micro-flora problems take sophisticated microscopic techniques offered by vuvlovaginal specials such as Fowler Gyn International.

If the problem is external as with vulvar contact dermatitis there are no visible symptoms, but it generally starts with exposure to a particular irritant. The irritant is usually a chemical agent that causes the skin of the vulvar to become sensitive.  When the source of the irritation is not identified, then the condition will worsen. Because of this, regular products such as soaps, shampoos, and feminine hygiene products, can perpetuate the irritation.

Dr. R. Stuart Fowler of Fowler Gyn International has researched a combination of hypoallergenic skin care line for just that purpose. The FeminaRx Pure Skincare Collection is designed to relieve itching and irritation.

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