How using improv to improve your acting skills

Improv is spontaneous theatre that is unexpected, unstructured, and playful and employs both comedy and drama. With no time to think, actors have to pull on all their creativity, in order to perform this unscripted work well. That’s one reason why using improv can greatly improve your acting skills; it forces you to bring out the inner imagination that is the foundation of a great performance.

How improv can help your acting


  • Encourages Creativity:  Understanding the fundamentals of improv is important in performing both scripted and non-scripted work. With improv, actors are able to use creativity beyond the normal, and this enables them to embrace new ideas and build on them. As more casting directors are opting to give actors scenarios rather than scripts for auditions, the creative abilities unearthed during improv training will enhance your audition performance, and make you stand out.


  • Promotes Fearlessness: Improv training programs help actors to loosen up and shed their inhibitions. As actors learn to respond easily and effortlessly they become more confident in front of the audience. Fearless actors are able to go onstage and skillfully work unplanned scenarios.


  • Helps with Character Development: Improv is a type of theater that teaches actors how to be, and the best actors are those that can become the character, and really don’t seem to be acting at all. It’s a lot like childhood behavior which is truthful, trusting, and spontaneous.

If you want to better understand how using improv to improve your acting skills can help you book gigs, then you can enroll in classes at Carolyne Barry Creative Ent in Los Angeles. You will learn how to communicate better, brainstorm with others, and also focus on the here and now of your performance.

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