Why choose a vulvodynia doctor

Some women find it very hard to endure the pain and discomfort associated with vulvodynia.  However, because the condition is not easily diagnosed, it requires the expert intervention of a vulvovaginal specialist. This type of doctor is a gynecologist who specializes in conditions of the vulva and vagina, and is therefore able to accurately diagnose the condition.

Treatment for vulvar pain is vital, because when left untreated, it tends not to spontaneously resolve. It can affect a woman’s relationship with her partner, and also interfere with her ability to take part in normal physical activities as well as make it difficult to concentrate and focus at work. These are some of the reasons why proper treatment is critical in providing long term relief.

About vulvodynia

Vulvodynia is chronic vulvar pain which is sporadic for some women, and unrelenting for others. In addition to burning pain, stinging and rawness, itching to some degree may also be problematic. The pain associated with vulvodynia may be localized and limited to a specific area, or it may be more general in nature, and travel to other areas of the vulva.

Treating the condition is oftentimes difficult, on account that once the vulvar skin becomes sensitized, even under the best of conditions, it takes some time for it to settle down. It may require 4-8 months to get significant relief.

Treatment for Vulvodynia

Being able to effectively treat vulvodynia begins with making a proper diagnosis. The fact that it is not easy to find doctors specializing in vulvodynia means that women are often left frustrated by health care providers.

A cotton tip applicator test is often used to identify the painful areas, but this is just the start of the assessment. It seems that this is the only test used to access vulvodynia by most physicians. At the Fowler Gyn International, they utilize advanced diagnostic techniques to evaluate the areas of pain and contributing areas to diagnose associated factors. Their methodologies have proven to be very effective, and have provided well-needed relief for many women.

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