Want Naturally Looking Fuller Lips After Lip Augmentation?

If your lips have started to look thinner with age, and you want to restore naturally looking fuller lips, ask your physician about Restylane Silk. It is one of the newer lip volumizers on the market, and is the first to receive FDA approval for lip enhancement, as well as for the treatment of wrinkles around the lips.  Restylane Silk can shape the lips uniformly, and restore an optimal appearance.

About Restylane Silk

Restylane Silk is specifically designed to give you the natural looking results that you desire with lip augmentation. It enhances the lips, and also fills in the deep vertical lines around the lips that make you look older. Restylane Silk is a clear gel that is derived from hyaluronic acid, which is present in the skin and adds volume and elasticity.

How To Get Naturally Looking Fuller Lips

No one wants a ‘over the top’ lip augmentation, everyone wants the results to look as natural as possible. Achieving that goal depends in part on choosing the right product, like Restylane Silk.

Restylane Silk is comprised of small, smooth particles, and since the gel is not very thick, it is easy to inject it into the lips. Restylane Silk should be injected near the surface of the lips for better effect, and since not a lot of product is required the lip enhancement looks natural.

Choosing the right filler is one thing, but you also need to have the procedure done by an experienced injector, using the right technique. This is important, because you don’t want to end up with lips that look fake and over-plumped.

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