What are the signs and symptoms of vulvodynia?

Are you experiencing pain and other unexplained discomfort in the vaginal area that doctors are unable to diagnose? You’re not alone; it’s an issue that many women struggle with. Very often the signs point to a troubling condition known as vulvodynia. But what exactly are the signs and symptoms of chronic vaginal vulvodynia.

What is vulvodynia?
Vulvodynia is a condition that is marked by intense pain in the vulva region. The condition is difficult to diagnose, and up until recently physicians were unable to identify the cause. As a result, some women experience years of pain that can be emotionally debilitating.

Signs and symptoms of vulvodynia
Pain is the most significant symptom of vulvodynia. For some women the pain is localized, and is only felt in a specific area of the vulva, particularly when pressure is applied to the spot. However, other women experience pain is diffuse and not changed by anything touching the vulva.

In addition to chronic vulva pain, many women with vulvodynia experience other symptoms such as burning, stinging, rawness, and pain with intercourse.

The pain with vulvodynia may be constant or intermittent, and can be so severe that normal activities such as riding a bike, sitting for long periods, inserting a tampon, or exercising, all cause extreme discomfort. The pain can even make wearing undergarments or tight clothing intolerable.

If you are bothered by symptoms of vulvodynia, contact Fowler Gyn International (FGI), Paradise Valley, AZ, for help. FGI uses advanced microscopic testing to accurately diagnose vulvodynia, and once a positive diagnosis is made, a customized treatment plan is recommended.

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