What Can Cause Painful Sex?

If intercourse is no longer pleasurable for you but has become uncomfortable and painful, there’s a good chance that there is an underlying condition that needs to be addressed.  It’s therefore important to check with your gynecologist for proper diagnosis and treatment.

What Can Cause Painful Sex?

Painful sex can be caused by vulvodynia.  Vulvodynia is severe pain in the vulva.   Vulvodynia may be generalized or localized.  The pain associated with generalized vulvodynia is typically constant and occurs at the opening of the vagina and in the vestibule.

When the pain affects a specific area of the vulva it is known as localized vulvodynia.  Localized vulvodynia is usually provoked by touch or pressure, and that’s the reason there is pain with intercourse.  The pain is often so intense that some women don’t believe they will ever again enjoy the sexual experience.

Other symptoms of vulvodynia include soreness, stinging, rawness, burning, and irritation.

Treatment For Painful Sex

Fowler Gyn International (FGI), has successfully treated thousands of women experiencing painful sex.  The treatment protocols were developed by board-certified gynecologist Dr. R. Stuart Fowler founder of FGI, after many years of clinical observation and research.

At FGI, women with vulvodynia are evaluated using an advanced diagnostic tool, known as the vaginal fluid analysis (VFA) test.  The VFA test analyses the vaginal secretions to determine if there is an altered vaginal microflora pattern present, as this can give rise to vulvodynia pain and related symptoms.

Women that have an altered vaginal microflora pattern are given a customized treatment protocol that helps get the microflora back to normal.  This typically takes 6-8 months to achieve 80-90% relief and usually a year for complete relief.

Are you experiencing painful sex?  Contact Fowler GYN International, Phoenix, AZ, for a consultation. It was established by former Mayo physician, board certified Dr. R. Stuart Fowler. You can reach them at fowlergyninternational.com/contact-us, or by calling (480) 420-4001.

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