What is FGI?

Vulvovaginal disorders are among the most misunderstood gynecologic medical conditions, and because of this, many women are unable to get proper diagnosis and treatment.  Fowler GYN International (FGI) has sought to meet this need, by helping women with vulvovaginal conditions that are desperate for answers. But what is FGI, and how is it making a difference.

What is FGI?
FGI is an online and in-office center for the treatment of vulvovaginal issues. It is administered by specialists in the field of vaginal care. Clients have the option of using our virtual services from the convenience of home for follow-up, after they are seen the initial visit at FGI Headquarters in Phoeniix, Arizona.

FGI seeks to help women with chronic vulvovaginal problems who have visited various physicians, but are still unable to get relief from their symptoms. They specialize in a select number of vulvovaginal conditions which are often misdiagnosed or difficult to treat. These include vulvodynia and recurrent yeast or bacterial vaginal infections, chronic vaginal discharge and/or odor.

FGI is headed by Dr. R. Stuart Fowler, a board certified gynecologist who trained at the Mayo Clinic, and practiced there for over 20 years. While at the Mayo Clinic, Dr. Fowler specialized in vaginal disorders and bioidentical hormones. He therefore brings a wealth of expertise to the treatment of vulvovaginal conditions.

In order to achieve success with your condition, FGI:

  • Utilizes advanced diagnostic techniques to ensure accurate diagnosis of your condition.
  • Customizes the treatment protocol to match your specific symptoms.
  • Objectively monitor your response to treatment, so that the program can be adjusted if necessary.
  • Offers non-invasive treatment solutions that are also low risk.

If you are suffering from unresolved vaginal problems, contact FGI for help. Call  them today at 480-420-4001 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Fowler, or go online to www.fowlergyninternational.com/contact-us, to request a free pre-registration call.

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