What is Vulvodynia? How do you treat it?

There are many women in the US who are afflicted with intense vaginal pain, and often suffer in silence, because doctors are unsure of the cause. The problem is known as vulvodynia, and is also accompanied by burning and irritation. But what is vulvodynia? And how do you treat it.

Vulvodynia is the name given to the chronic pain millions of women experience on the vulva, and for which there is no visual recognizable cause. Additional symptoms include stinging, rawness, soreness, and lesser degrees of itching. The condition may persist for months or even years, and it often makes carrying out simple tasks such as exercising or sitting for long periods, very difficult. Vulvodynia can also cause sexual intercourse to be very painful for some women.

How is vulvodynia treated?
Vulvodynia has traditionally been treated with a variety of methods including physical therapy, topical medications, steroid injections, as well as numerous proposed home-based solutions. However, because the exact cause is not able to be diagnosed without advanced techniques, most gynecologists are even at a loss as to what to offer their patient.

Where are the experts?
Dr. R. Stuart Fowler of Fowler Gyn International (FGI), Phoenix, AZ, is one of the foremost researchers on vulvodynia, and other vulvovaginal disorders. Based on the research conducted, Dr. Fowler now uses more advanced tools to identify the underlying causes of the condition. Thanks to the knowledge gained from decades of clinical research and observations, and the use of advanced diagnostic tools, Dr. Fowler has been able to develop a treatment approach that has used by thousands of women with success.

You can find out more about what is vulvodynia by, calling Dr. R. Stuart Fowler of FGI at 480-420-4001. You can also make contact online by visiting fowlergyninternational.com/contact-us.

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