What to look for in acting classes – Criteria to consider

If you want to be a successful actor then training is necessary, and choosing the right classes and the right acting teacher is an important part of that success.  Acting is a skill so there is always something you can be better at, but how do you know what to look for in acting classes. You first need to set out some criteria.

Begin your search by looking for classes that are a good match for your learning style.  You may want to consider the following:

Find the right acting teacher

Above all else you need to find the right teacher. You need to look for an experienced teacher with successful students.  Keep an eye out for teachers whose past students have gone on to light up the screen. The teacher should also take a personal interest in each student’s development, and foster a challenging and inspiring environment in which to learn. The right teacher will be able to help you improve and express your talent.

Choose a compatible acting technique

There are many different acting techniques out there, but make sure that the technique that is emphasized is the right one for you. Choose the technique that fits with your outlook, and has found the most success in film and theatre.

Classes with essential acting elements

The acting classes should cover the essential aspects you need to develop as an actor. Classes should emphasize on-camera learning, and focus on elements such as acting techniques, scene study, voice-over, improv, and auditioning.

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