When should I seek a doctor about abnormal vaginal discharge?

Have you noticed any changes in the color, odor, or consistency of your vaginal discharge? If things don’t look quite the same, you may need to visit your gynecologist. The vaginal discharge plays an integral role in the self-cleansing function of the vagina, so some discharge is perfectly normal, but when should you see a doctor about abnormal vaginal discharge.

Normal vaginal discharge
The vaginal discharge helps clear away dead cells from the vagina, keeps it lubricated, and assists with the prevention of infections.It is normally clear or slightly cloudy in color, and odorless.

When to see a doctor about abnormal vaginal discharge
If your vaginal discharge becomes off-color, and develops an unusual odor this is considered abnormal. If the problem is also accompanied by itching, soreness, pain, or burning, then it’s time to see a doctor. These symptoms are an indication that an infection or a more serious condition may be present.

Cause of an abnormal vaginal discharge
An abnormal vaginal discharge can be caused by a number of factors including sexually transmitted diseases, chemical irritants in hygiene products, or the overgrowth of bad bacteria. The cause of the condition must be precisely identified,so that the right treatment can be undertaken.

If you have an abnormal discharge that your doctor has been unable to diagnose, you can contact Fowler GYN International (FGI) for assistance. FGI specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of vulvovaginal conditions.

FGI is headed by board certified gynecologist Dr. R. Stuart Fowler. Based on studies carried out Dr. Fowler has identified a link between abnormal vaginal discharge and altered vaginal microflora. FGI has therefore been able to successfully treat many women with the condition.

FGI is located in Paradise Valley, AZ. Call (480) 420-4001 to schedule a consultation or request a free pre-registration call online at www.fowlergyninternational.com/contact-use.

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